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72cm Cast Iron Fire Pit Deep Bowl

Make the 72cm Cast Iron Fire Pit Deep Bowl your new garden feature! With an iconic bowl shape, and contemporary trivet stand, as well as a rustic, natural rust finish, this fire pit looks great even when not in use. The 72cm Cast Iron Fire Pit l has a deep bowl—this means that you can fit more firewood, as well as retain more of the heat produced, allowing you to make a bigger, hotter fire that will make everybody gather ‘round!

While most fire pits are made from pressed steel, which, in time, tend to rust and burn through the bottom. Our outstanding quality fire pits are made from exceptionally strong cast iron that is designed to last a lifetime.

All our fire pits feature a drainage hole to prevent water from pooling; this is also a handy feature should you decide to use this fire pit as a plant container.

Perfect for any backyard, gardens, outdoor campfire, entertainment areas, patios, outdoor decking, or courtyards. Also looks amazing as a planter.

  • Diameter: 72cm
  • Weight: 17.3kg
  • Thickness of 3.5 mm
  • Bowl Depth: 31cm
  • Assembled Height: 36cm
  • Construction: Genuine Cast Iron Bowl & Cast Iron Trivet Base
  • Finish: Low Maintenance, Rustic, Natural Rust
  • Drainage Hole Included: Yes