4 Person Large Silent Booth/Pod

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Style: Black

Unlock Seamless Collaboration and Comfort with the 4-Person Large Silent BoothPod.

The 4-Person Large Silent BoothPod offers a sophisticated solution for collaborative work and meetings, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips. A central veneer table featuring tabletop ports and PowerPoints allows you to connect and collaborate with colleagues or clients effortlessly.

The two upholstered bench seats with backrests provide a cosy and comfortable seating arrangement. Whether working on a team project or hosting a client meeting, you can do so in comfort and style.

The BoothPod's sleek black colour finish and metro-grade tempered glass door create a spectacular and professional environment, impressing clients and creating a focused atmosphere.

Key Features

  • Central Veneer Table with Tabletop Ports - Stay connected and productive with accessible power and connectivity options.
  • Cozy Upholstered Bench Seats - Comfortable seating for up to four people, perfect for meetings, presentations, or group work.
  • Spectacular Black Color Finish & Metro-Grade Tempered Glass Door - Impress clients and create a professional atmosphere.
  • Lightweight Yet Sturdy - Aviation aluminium frame and strong carbon composite wall panels provide dependable construction without unnecessary weight.
  • Dry and Odorless Interior - The floor-damping carpet ensures a comfortable and pleasant environment.
  • Advanced Ventilation System - Noiseless fan guarantees optimal air circulation for extended comfort.
  • Quick Assembly & Disassembly - Easy setup within two hours, and it comes in sturdy cartons for convenient transportation.
  • White Glove Service - Hassle-free white glove service, including professional delivery, installation, and rubbish removal in Melbourne metro areas.

Effortless Collaboration 

Stay connected with a central veneer table, tabletop ports, and PowerPoints, which are perfect for teamwork and meetings.

Cozy Comfort 

The two upholstered bench seats offer backrests for a comfortable and inviting seating arrangement.

Professional Ambiance 

The spectacular black finish and metro-grade tempered glass door create an impressive and focused environment.

Sturdy and Lightweight

The aviation aluminium frame and strong carbon composite wall panels provide durability without excessive weight.

Fresh and Pleasant 

The floor-damping carpet keeps the interior dry and odour-free for a comfortable workspace.

Optimal Air Circulation 

The advanced ventilation system, with a noiseless fan, ensures extended comfort.

Convenient Setup 

Assemble and disassemble in two hours, with solid cartons for easy transportation.

White Glove Service 

Enjoy hassle-free delivery, installation, and rubbish removal in Melbourne metro areas.


Materials: Veneer, Tempered Glass, Aluminum, Ironclad, Noiseless Fan 
Colour / Finish:  Black, White
Weight:  820kg
Dimensions:  W 204 x D 210 x H 214 cm
External Dimensions: W 220 x D 213.6 x H 230 cm
Table: L 170 x W 60 x H 67 cm
Bench: W 180 x D 55 x H 65 cm

What's Included?

1x 4 Person Large Silent Booth/Pod