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4 Person Extra Large Silent Booth/Pod

Style: Black

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"Elevate Your Workspace with the 4-Person Extra Large Silent Booth/Pod.

Revolutionize your workspace with the 4-Person Extra Large Silent Booth/Pod. It's not just a place to work; it's an oasis of productivity and comfort. Imagine the benefits: a central veneer table equipped with tabletop ports and PowerPoints for seamless collaboration, two plush upholstered bench seats with backrests for cosy and focused discussions. All are enclosed in a spectacular Black colour finish, featuring Metro-grade Tempered glass doors that not only exude sophistication but also provide an open feel.

The aviation aluminium frame, combined with solid carbon composite wall panels, makes this booth lightweight yet incredibly durable. The floor-damping carpet ensures a dry and odour-free environment, maintaining a fresh atmosphere even during long meetings. An advanced ventilation system with a noiseless fan guarantees optimal air circulation, eliminating stuffiness.

The best part? Easy assembly and disassembly within two hours. It arrives in robust cartons, simplifying transportation. For the ultimate experience, professional delivery and assembly are recommended, offering hassle-free service, including rubbish removal to Melbourne metro areas. Transform your workspace into a hub of innovation and collaboration with the 4-person Extra Large Silent Booth/Pod.

Key Features

  • Central Veneer Table with Tabletop Ports and PowerPoints - Facilitates seamless collaboration and connectivity for productive discussions.
  • 2 x Upholstered Bench Seats with Backrest -Creates a cosy and focused environment for team meetings and brainstorming sessions.
  • Spectacular Black Colour Finish with Metro Grade Tempered Glass Door - Exudes sophistication and provides an open, airy feel within the booth.
  • Aviation Aluminum Frame and Strong Carbon Composite Wall Panels - Lightweight yet highly durable construction.
  • Floor Damping Carpet - Keeps the interior dry and odour-free for a fresh atmosphere.
  • Advanced Ventilation System - Ensures optimal air circulation with a noiseless fan, eliminating stuffiness.
  • Easy Assembly & Disassembly - Setup and takedown within two hours, arrives in robust cartons for convenient transportation.
  • Professional Delivery & Assembly Recommended - A hassle-free white glove service, including rubbish removal, available for Melbourne metro areas.

A Workspace Oasis

Create an oasis of productivity with a central veneer table and seamless connectivity for collaborative work.

Comfort & Focus

Two upholstered bench seats with backrests provide comfort and focused discussions.

Sleek & Sophisticated 

The Black colour finish and Metro grade Tempered glass door exude sophistication and spaciousness.

Lightweight Durability 

The aviation aluminium frame and strong carbon composite wall panels offer a sturdy yet lightweight design.

Always Fresh 

The floor-damping carpet keeps the interior dry and odour-free, ensuring a fresh workspace.

Optimal Airflow 

An advanced ventilation system with a noiseless fan maintains optimal air circulation, eliminating stuffiness.

Convenience & Mobility 

Easy assembly and disassembly in just two hours, packaged in robust cartons for transport.

Hassle-Free Service 

Professional delivery and assembly are recommended to provide a hassle-free experience for Melbourne metro areas.


Materials:  Tempered Glass, Aluminum, Noiseless Fan
Colour / Finish:  Black, White
Weight:  900kg
Dimensions:  W 204 x D 210 x H 214 cm
External Dimensions: W 220 x D 213.6  x H 230 cm
Table: L 170 x W 60 x H 67 cm
Bench: W 180 x D 55 x H 65 cm

What's Included?

1x 4 Person Extra Large Silent Booth/Pod