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1 - 2 Person Medium Silent Booth/Pod

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Transform Your Workspace with the Medium Silent BoothPod - A Haven of Focus and Comfort

The Medium Silent BoothPod is your oasis of productivity and tranquillity in the bustling modern world. It has an ergonomic wall-mounted timber veneer shelf and a swivel office chair, ensuring you can work conveniently, free from distractions. The excellent black colour finish and metro-grade tempered glass door create a sleek and professional ambience.

Built with an aviation aluminium frame and strong carbon composite wall panels, it's both lightweight and ironclad, providing you with a sturdy, dependable workspace. The floor-damping carpet keeps the interior dry and odourless, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant environment.

Featuring a 60% high-density PET acoustic panel, the BoothPod effectively absorbs sound, eliminating echoes and enabling you to focus on your tasks. The advanced ventilation system with a noiseless fan ensures optimal air circulation, keeping you comfortable even during long work hours.

With its wall-mounted GPOs, USB ports, and wireless charging, this pod has everything you need. The double-glazed 10mm thick safety glass door provides a secure and quiet space. It's also easy to assemble and disassemble within two hours, and its STC 30±5dB rating and Class B fire-proof materials ensure safety.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic Wall-Mounted Timber Shelf and Swivel Chair - Conveniently conduct your work without distractions.
  • Excellent Black Finish & Metro-Grade Tempered Glass - Creates a sleek and professional ambience for focused productivity.
  • Aviation Aluminum Frame & Strong Carbon Composite Wall Panels - Lightweight yet sturdy for a dependable workspace.
  • Floor Damping Carpet - Keeps the interior dry and odour-free for a comfortable work environment.
  • 60% High-Density PET Acoustic Panel - Absorbs sound, eliminating echoes and enhancing concentration.
  • Advanced Ventilation System - Noiseless fan ensures optimal air circulation for extended comfort.
  • Wall-mounted GPOs, USB Ports, and Wireless Charging - Everything you need at your fingertips.
  • Double-Glazed 10mm Thick Safety Glass Door - Provides a secure and quiet space for undistracted work.
  • Easy Assembly & Disassembly - Quick setup within two hours, with solid cartons for convenient transportation.
  • STC 30±5dB & Class B Fire-Proof - Ensures a safe and sound workspace.

Focused Productivity  

Say goodbye to distractions and enjoy an ergonomic setup with our wall-mounted timber shelf and swivel chair.

Sleek and Professional

The black finish and metro-grade tempered glass create a modern, productive workspace.

Lightweight Durability 

Aviation aluminium frame and carbon composite wall panels ensure sturdiness without weight.

Odor-Free Comfort 

The floor-damping carpet keeps the interior pleasant and dry.

Echo-Free Concentration

The 60% high-density PET acoustic panel eliminates sound echoes, letting you focus on your tasks.

Optimal Ventilation 

Stay comfortable with the advanced noiseless fan, ensuring perfect air circulation.

Everything You Need 

Wall-mounted GPOs, USB ports, and wireless charging keep your devices powered and connected.

Safe and Sound 

Double-glazed 10mm thick safety glass and Class B fire-proof materials provide security and tranquillity.


Materials:  Tempered Glass, Aluminum, Noiseless Fan, Glass
Colour / Finish:  Natural
Weight:  530kg
Dimensions:  W 134 x D 120 x H 214 cm
External Dimensions: W 150 x D 124 x H 230 cm
Shelf: L 121 x W 50 cm
Shelf thickness: 3 cm
Chair: W 67.5 x D 65.5 x H 82 cm

What's Included?

1x 1 - 2 Person Medium Silent Booth/Pod