Heatscope Spot 2800W Electric Radiant Heater

Color: Black

Heatscope Spot radiant heaters produce a subtle orange glow which is only 30-40% of the light output of the traditional radiant heaters. The reduced light output is due to the use of a color matching grill screen in front of the satin surface carbon heating elements that can be either a black or white. They are midwave radiant heaters that produce heat almost instantly (less than 15 seconds) and are ideal for providing heat to outdoor areas such as partially open patios or balconies.

  • Efficiency Made Simple - HEATSCOPE® is committed to efficiency! All VISION, SPOT and PURE radiant heaters were developed in accordance with the newest findings concerning the mid-wave IR range. This means that between 90% and 94% of the energy used is turned directly into ambient heat.
  • Real Infrared - All HEATSCOPE® design radiant heaters produce natural infrared heat in the (fast) mid-wave IR range. This means that the heat feels particularly pleasant and is effective exactly where it is needed – that’s directly under the first layers of skin, but not too deep in the tissue.
  • Inviting & Cosy - Other radiant heaters use light tubes to produce heat as a by-product – at HEATSCOPE® we exclusively use innovative carbon technology: two carbon spirals are powered with an electric current, they begin to glow and produce a particularly pleasant warmth.
  • Super Fast - Output peaks are a thing of the past with HEATSCOPE® power heaters. Although the heaters start up slowly, they reach 100% in no time: the range of SPOT models take only 15 seconds, and the VISION & PURE range takes a maximum of 30 seconds owing to the glass front.
  • Full Control - The separate model ranges are either delivered with their own IR remote control or with a 4-wire cable for integration into an external control system (output dependent).
  • Maximum Heat with Minimum Light - Carbon fibre elements charged with an electric current generate heat but minimal light, creating a softer, super comfortable heat without the harsh light. PURE provides a subtle, low glow, which doesn’t change the lighting effect of a room or the colour of objects (including food!).
  • Award-winning Design - Delivers pleasant heat without the distraction. Clean-cut, modern designs and colours easily blend into any decor.
  • Fast Heating - Noticeable heat within milliseconds and 100% heat within 15-60 seconds.
  • Weather-Resistant - All models are certified with an IP rating for protection against dust, splash-water, and wind.
  • No Aggressive Red Light - Produces a very ambient, modest light based on double carbon heating elements

  • High Efficiency - Up to 94% of the energy used is turned into ambient heat and transferred directly to nearby people and surfaces for maximum efficiency.

Included Accessories: Mounting Parts. 

Application: Indoor & Outdoor (with weather shield)
IP Rating: IP24

Power / Current:2800W / 12.17A
Voltage:220-240 V AC ~ 50/60 Hz
Max Power In:15 sec
Radiant Efficiency:94%
Surface Temp:
Body Temp:
Filament Temp:
Colour Temp:
1550-1650 Kelvin
Visible Light:<600 Lumen

Materials: Aluminum Body & Glass Ceramic Front

Colour: Black or White
Weight: 5kg
Dimensions: L884xW184xH82mm
Installation Height:2100mm - 3000mm from ground.

Model Specifications
Operation & Maintenance Manual
Installation & Clearances Manual