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Fire Pit Buyer’s Guide - Get the Best

  • by Rhys
  • 15 min read
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Fire Pit Accessories

Fire pits are an excellent way to bring the rustic feel of a well-lit campfire into your house’s deck, patio, backyard, and other areas. These pits can be used all year round and provide users with a warm area to relax with their friends and family members. Fire pits are vastly different from outdoor heaters. Unlike the latter, fire pits can provide more than 360 degrees of flames to your entertaining area outdoors.

There are tons of fire pits available in the market. You will find no shortage of designs and sizes, so much so that choosing one could get confusing. Nevertheless, these fire pits' overabundance ensures that you can choose one according to your stylistic preferences and house's design. Are you looking for a high-quality fireplace for your patio or lawn? If the answer is yes, continue reading this piece as we will discuss everything you need to know about this accessory and how to choose it.

Fire Pit Fuel Types

As mentioned earlier, there are several fire pit types available in the market. Each type has something unique to offer and has its pros and cons. Whether you have a permanent, temporary, or portable structure, lighting them up will not be an issue with a decent range of fuel types to choose from.

Wood Fire Pits

Wood is a popular fuel source for lighting up fire pits. People have been using wood for fire long before the invention of indoor or outdoor fireplaces. The best thing about this fuel type is that it provides you with authentic fire, scorching heat, and long, beautiful flames. If you love authenticity, opting for a wood-based fuel source would be a great option.

It is a significant reason behind the high demand for wood-burning fire pits. They offer the real crackle you'll get from wood along with the real smoke and warmth of a campfire. Wood burning fire pits are available in a decent range of options like stone or brick pits, outdoor fireplaces, and wood-burning grills.

A significant reason why many people opt for wood as a fuel type is its cost-effectiveness. Compared to other options like ethanol and gas, wood is more affordable and provides you with excellent flames.


Beautiful high flames

Cost-effective fuel

Compatible with a decent range of fire pits

Provides ample warmth

Authentic smoke and wood crackle


Very high maintenance

Excessive smoke and ash

Users need to be extra careful of the long flames as they could catch furniture and other items

Could attract insects

Gas Fire Pits

Many fire pit owners prefer natural gas over other fuel sources, and for a good reason. Setting them up is relatively easy than wood-based fire pits and you do not have to face much hassle maintaining or turning them off. Sure, gas is costlier than wood-based fuel options, but it is significantly more efficient and lasts longer.

The popularity of gas as a fuel source is a massive reason behind the increasing demand of gas fire pits. Once again, these fire pits come in various shapes, styles, and sizes. You can install them anywhere, as long as you have a decent gas line. Gas fire pits are especially an excellent option for people with permanent fixtures in their patios or backyards.

If you are looking for a fire pit type that use fuel efficiently, look no further than gas-based fire pits. Gas fire pits are available in tabletop, round square, and sunken designs, ensuring they match your outdoors, whether it is your patio or your lawn/mini-garden. While natural gas is a bit costlier than wood, you will find it to be fairly expensive because of its efficiency and longevity. That said, getting a gas line installed may require you to dish out a fair amount of cash.


Fairly inexpensive in the long run

Excellent fuel efficiency

Perfect for permanent fixtures

Available in different designs

Requires minimal maintenance


Can only be installed in areas with a gas line

Installing a gas line could be a bit expensive

Ethanol Fire Pits

Ethanol is arguably the best fuel source for indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Also known as biofuel, ethanol contains one hundred percent alcohol. However, this type of alcohol is vastly different from the one used for human consumption. In fact, consuming the alcohol used for bioethanol is strictly prohibited consumption. Ethanol manufacturers make sure to denature the ethanol through a variety of unpleasant and odourless flavours.

Most online and offline hardware stores sell bioethanol fuel. What’s most impressive about this type of fuel is that it is incredibly safe, especially when you compare it to wood and gas. Consider opting for ethanol-fuelled pits if you want to add intrigue and ambiance to your backyard. Ethanol is a clean-burning fuel source and can burn without producing smokes or unpleasant scents.

What's more, ethanol fire pits are immensely versatile, which means that you can move it wherever you please. Gel fuelled logs, and table top fireplaces are common accessories that use ethanol as the primary fuel source, although there are tons of other options that use it as well.

Ethanol fireplaces do not provide users with the high amount of heat and smoke obtained from wood and gas fireplaces. However, they are quite safe, and users do not have to worry about things catching fire while their ethanol fuelled fire pits. If you are looking for a clean burning, efficient, long-term, easy to maintain solution for your outdoor or indoor fireplace, ethanol would be the best option to go for.

Sure, it is a bit costlier than wood and natural gas, but its safety and unparalleled efficiency are worth every penny.


A clean-burning source of fuel

Ethanol fireplaces are easy to install

Does not require excessive maintenance

Ethanol does no product soot, ash, or smoke

Users can use leftover ethanol in case they close their burner early

Ethanol is an environmentally friendly option


Relatively expensive compared to other fuel sources

Does not provide the ample heat offered by wood and natural gas

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Fire Pit Styles

As mentioned earlier, fire pits are available in a variety of designs and styles. You will have plenty of options to choose from, making sure your fire place suit’s your house’s decoration and design. Are you new to fire pits? If the answer is yes, choosing them can get confusing. Fortunately, you do not need to worry, as we will discuss some popular fire pit styles and what makes them unique.

Classic Fire Pits


As the name suggests, classic fire pits are similar to the traditional fire pits used in the older days. In most cases, this type of fire pits does not contain modern designs and features. However, it is incredibly durable and can last long with proper maintenance. What’s most impressive about this type of fire pit is that it adds an elegant, old school look to wherever you install it, improving the place’s visual appeal.


Provides an authentic look and feel

Highly durable

Available in history inspired styles

Compatible with wood, natural gas and ethanol


Not as versatile as modern fire pit variants

Some classic fire pit versions lack safety features

Fire Pit Bowls

Fire Pit bowls are vastly different from classic or traditional fire pits. Their bowl-like shape improves the overall aesthetic appeal of your lawn, creating a welcoming place to sit and enjoy by the fire. These pits are available in different materials, although most people prefer metal-based fire pit bowls because of their excellent durability. You will require a gas line to light of this fire place. That said, some fire pit bowls are also compatible with wood and coal-based fuel sources.


Excellent design

Perfect for patios and lawns

Available in durable materials

Easy to install


Heavier than other fire pit options

You can only place this fire place near a gas line

Fire Pit Tables

Also known as a fire table, a fire pit table is an excellent blend of a high quality fireplace and furniture. Installing it will add a sense of style and luxury to your outdoor backyard or patio. Ideal for hosting gets and getting warmth during winter nights, fire pit tables provide users with tons of advantages. What’s most impressive about fire pit tables is that while they are a bit costly, they are an excellent long term investment.

You will love spending time outside, cozying up near this fire pit. What’s more, you can also use this equipment for barbeques and cooking other meals. With so much versatility on offer, fire pit tables are a must-have for people looking for an outdoor heating solution.


Versatile heating solution

Can be used for cooking

Excellent place to socialize

Perfect long-term investment

Can use wood, gas, and ethanol as a fuel source


Installation may take some time

Not ideal for smaller areas

BBQ Fire Pits

Fire Pits are great, but what if you could barbeque on them? Fortunately, you can do that by getting a decent BBQ fire pit table. These pits are quite similar to tabletop fire pits, with the only difference being that barbeque fire pits are more spacious and can help you prepare different meals with minimum to no hassle. What's more, this fireplace type contains a grill and ample room for coal and wood.

Most individuals place their barbeque fire pits in their front lawn as they are an ideal area to have parties and other social gatherings.


These pits are quite spacious

Perfect for cooking various meals

Installing barbeque fire pits is relatively straightforward


Requires regular maintenance

Moving this pit is quite difficult because of its heavy weight

Portable Fire Pits

Most fire pits, especially the ones designed for outdoor use, are quite heavy and carrying them from place to place can be quite difficult. Fortunately, portable fire pits completely eliminate this issue, providing people with a light weight, easy to carry alternative. The best thing about this type of fire pit is that you can power it with your preferred fuel source, whether it is wood, natural gas, propane, or ethanol.

Some variants of portable fire pits also have wheels beneath them, providing users with an additional layer of convenience.


Easy to carry

Compatible with different fuel sources

Straightforward installation

Made with durable materials


Not as big as other fire pits mentioned in this list

Not ideal for large social gatherings

Heat output can be relatively low

Camping Fire Pits

Do you love camping during winter? If yes, you will be well aware of the fact that sleeping during chilly nights can get quite challenging. Getting a camping fire pit is a great way to spend a fun camping trip during freezing weather. What’s most impressive about camping fire pits is that most of them are portable and are easy to install. Companies design this product to provide campers with unparalleled experience, ensuring that their time spent outdoors is comfortable and cozy.



Excellent portability

Decent heat output

Easy installation

These pits consume very little fuel


Not as large as regular firepits

Could be more durable

In-Built Fire Pits

In-built fire pits are an excellent option for people who want a permanent fireplace. This fire pit type is quite unique because it is fit inside a wall. What’s more, you can install in-built fire pits indoors as well as outdoors. While this pit makes for a great place to get cozy it also has several restrictions, especially if you live in a small home. However, the pros outweigh the cons, making this product worth having.


Most in-built fire pits are quite large

Users can customize these pits according to their preference

Can use multiple sources of fuel

Excellent heat output

Made from premium grade materials


Lack of portability

Limited features

Could be unsafe in some situations

Requires regular maintenance

DIY Fire Pits

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You’d be surprised to learn that you can make a fire pit of your own. Quite a lot of people who have the skills and technical expertise create DIY fireplaces. The best thing about these fire pits is that you can customize it in various ways, ensuring they fit your particular needs and preferences.


Incredibly versatile


You can create a DIY fireplace according to your budget


Not ideal for first timers

The process could be time-consuming

Fire Pit Materials

The first thing that every fire pit buyer looks for is durability. Luckily, most companies manufacture with high-quality materials, making sure they last long and provide users with great value for their money.

Cast Iron Fire Pits

Cast iron fire pits are incredibly durable and provide people with loads of advantages. Their sturdiness and durability is top notch and ensures they don’t trip or fall no matter where you install them. What’s more, cast iron is an excellent conductor of heat. So, it would be best if you opted for a fire pit made from cast iron as it will provide you ample warmth. The only downside of this material is that it is a bit expensive. However, its excellent quality will make you forget about the high price.

Stainless Steel Fire Pits

Stainless steel is another popular material used to make fire pits. People often choose fireplaces made from this material because of its cost-effective rates, superb durability, light weight, and weather resistance. Sure, they are not as sturdy as the previously mentioned material (cast iron,) but their incredible aesthetic and low maintenance makes them worth it.

Ceramic Fire Pits

Ceramic fire pits are very unique and designed to last a life time. The ceramic material will store 300% more heat as iron and does not ages like its iron counter part. Sure they are more expensive than your traditional mental fire pit, however they are usually hand crafted and of very high quality.

Aluminum Fire Pits

If you are looking for a durable, sturdy, and easy to maintain fire pit, consider opting for one made with premium-grade aluminum. Companies have been using aluminum to manufacture a variety of products, and for a good reason. It lasts long and doesn’t accumulate scratches or marks any time soon. What’s more, aluminum fire pits add a touch of class and elegance wherever you install them.

Consider making your aluminum fireplace a centerpiece in your yard or lawn and you'll understand why it is a great material.

Concrete Fire Pits

Most DIY enthusiasts choose concrete as their go-to material when making firepits.Some may argue that concrete isn’t as durable as the previously mentioned materials. However, that is not true. You’d be surprised to see the high amount of concrete fireplaces used these days. They are affordable and easy to install. The only downside of concrete fire pits is that maintaining them takes time.

Copper Fire Pits

More and more people are becoming aware of the various advantages provided by copper fire pits. First off, copper does not rust or corrode, which makes it an ideal option if you plan to install your fireplace outdoors. Plus, this material is an excellent conductor of heat, ensuring it transmits ample warmth when you sit near your copper fire pit.

Copper has very few downsides, with the main issue being that it costs significantly more than other materials.

Fire Pit Sizes

The fire pit industry has been booming for quite a while, and you will find this product in different sizes. Let us look at the popular sizes these fire pits are available in and decide which one you should choose.

Small Fire Pit 60 to 74 cm

Having minimal space outdoors does not mean that you have to miss out on a fire pit. You will find a decent range of small fire in online and offline stores. They are perfect if you have very little space outdoors. What’s more, this type of fireplace is available in the same designs and styles present in larger variants.

Medium Fire Pits 75 to 94 cm

Medium fire pits are an excellent option for users who have a decent amount of space but want to save some room for other accessories. Like the small fire pits mentioned previously, their medium sized variants are just as good, and are available in several highly durable materials and styles. Consider buying medium sized fire pits from reliable brands to make sure they provide excellent bang for your buck.

Large Fire Pits 95 to 104 cm

Do you have a large backyard with ample space? If yes, opting for a large-sized fire pit around 75 to 94 cm would be a great idea. This product generates more heat than the previous variants and also allows enough room to keep plates, glasses, and serving utensils. What’s more, large fire pits are great for homes with multiple people, providing them a cozy place to gather and socialize.

Extra Large Fire Pits 105+

Do you have loads and loads of outdoor space? Getting a small, medium, or even a large-sized fireplace would not be a good idea in cases like these. You should make the most out of the area you have by opting for an extra-large fire pit. These fire pits are humongous and can be as large as 105 cm. You may even come across some variants that cross the 150 to 170 cm mark.

Consider getting an extra-large fire pit if you organize massive parties or social gatherings as it will provide adequate heat spread evenly throughout your backyard or lawn.

Fire Pit Accessories

Merely investing in a high quality fire pit is not enough. You should also consider getting some essential fire pit accessories to streamline your experience, making it more enjoyable. Fortunately, there is a vast range of fire pit accessories available to ensure you don’t have trouble maintaining or protecting it. Let us look at some must-have fire pit accessories you must consider buying:

Fire Pit Covers

The last thing you want to do with your outdoor fire pit is, expose it to unfavorable elements like rain, debris, dust, etc. Therefore, it would be best to invest in a fire pit cover to protect it and increase its longevity. Here are some advantages of a high-quality fire pit cover will provide you.

It will ensure your pit or bowl remains dry whenever you want to use it the next time

Your pit will be free from debris, dirt, moisture, snow, and other elements

Fire pit covers will protect our pit from cracking, discoloring, or rusting

Fire Pit Lids

Fire Pit lids are essential to cover your fire pit once you turn it off. People often use the term lid and cover interchangeably. However, they are vastly different. Enclosing your pit with a lid prevents heat from escaping, especially if the wood or coals are too hot. Remember, merely closing your pit with a lid is not enough. You will still need a separate cover to protect the fire pit and the lid.

Fire pit lids are sturdy

Using them is relatively straightforward as you merely have to lift them with a handle and put them over the pit

Firepit lids are available in different sizes, ensuring you can choose one that matches your particular product

Fire Pit Grills

Fire Pit grills are an excellent product for people who love cooking food outdoors. Sure, some pits already come with grills, but that doesn't mean that people who don't have specialized barbeque pits have to miss out on the action. You can get a separate grill for your fire pit, ensuring you can roast marshmallows, peanuts, or your favorite dinner with minimal hassle. You don't need to have any technical skills to install your fire pit grill as all you need to do is, merely place in on top of the pit.

Perfect for barbequed and grilled foods

Can be used with tabletop, kadhai, and other types of fire pits

Available in durable materials, ensuring it doesn’t wear and tear within a couple of months

Fire Pit Teppanyaki Plates

The Teppanyaki fire pit is another product specially designed for cooking outdoors. You will love this accessory if you like to organize parties at your backyard as it will provide you a handy option for live-cooking while adding some ambiance. This product has an outer plate for cooking food. It is an upgraded version of a traditional grill, ensuring your food doesn’t fall inside the pit.

The plate can be covered with a lid to speed up cooking.

Easy to clean

Perfect for fire pit bowls

Fire Pit Pokers

Firepit pokers are a must-have product if you like to use your fireplace during camping trips. For those who don’t know, this product is essential for preparing food on your outdoor fire pit. They do not conduct heat, ensuring users can turn their buns, hot dogs, and other foods with the greatest of ease.

Easy to use

Perfect for barbeques

Compatible with every fire pit type


Fire pits are becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. A large number of brands are competing against each other by manufacturing fire pits. So, you will find one according to your budget and particular requirements. Luckily, with the details and essential considerations discussed in this article, choosing a fire pit for your home will be a walk in the park for you.


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