Stainless Steel Fire Dish

Size: 75cm

With three size diameters to choose from 750mm, 900mm or 1200mm these strong but lightweight large surface area fire dishes are just the thing to sit around at home with in the backyard or take away camping to enjoy on a chilly evening with friends and family. Each model has 4 removable legs that can be swiveled flat making them just over 100mm in height, a great space saver when transporting or storing them.

Set up they measure approximately 300mm above the ground at the outer rim and 200mm above the ground at the centre with a shallow concave of 100mm approximately. The outer edge is rolled over as safety feature too so there is no sharp edge. This rolled over edge also gives the fire dish rigidity and strength as well.

They are made from 1.5mm thick 304 stainless steel and being stainless steel are corrosion resistant. A simple brush down once cooled and ash removed after each use is all that’s required to clean them ready to pack and store or transport. The shallow design provides tremendous heat radiation just like that of a ground fire with the benefit of no scorched ground or damaged lawns as the fire is contained above the ground, yet fully visible to see and enjoy its ambience. Being a concave shape the fire if properly added to each time in the centre with new fuel will be safe with no risk of logs rolling out over the edge either.

Great for use as a fire pit with the ability to be cooked over also using our Slot Me In™ Boomerang Swing Arm Kooka™ with optional swing arm cookware and spit rotisserie attachments.

  • 750 model measures 750mm in diameter x 300mm H set up (60mm   H packed up, legs removed) and weighs 7kg.
  • 900 model measures 900mm in diameter x 300mm H set up (90mm H packed up, legs removed) and weighs 10.5kg.
  • 1200 model measures 1200mm in diameter x 300mm H set up (145mm packed up, legs removed) and weighs 20kg.