SMI Aussie Volcano Chiminea™

Style: Standard

Now the Australian continent has a tremendous amount if not the most number of extinct volcanoes (technically defined as ones that have not erupted in over 10,000 years) and no active ones. Well it did until this month when the SMI AUSSIE VOLCANO CHIMINEA™ erupted onto the scene with our official launch of this exciting new product. It draws its origins from the ancient Mayan and Inca chimineas of South America and later from Spain in its principle function used for heating and cooking, only with a modern twist of design, new materials used and manufacturing process involved.

How appropriate with winter now officially here in Oz that we offer this new and exciting “Aussie Chiminea” 100% Aussie made from 100% Aussie materials and 100% Aussie owned. Suitable to be used on patio’s including timber decking as it has 4 inbuilt legs that keep it above the ground surface (no need for any separate stand to rest it in which can be a hazard if knocked and possibly topple over causing injury or damage to people or property). With a low centre of gravity and using the conventional chiminea sand bed as a base for the fire to be burnt on the SMI AUSSIE VOLCANO CHIMINEA™ remains firmly anchored and stable directing heat upwards and outwards keeping you warm this winter and all year round, extending your outdoor entertaining hours, giving you, friends and family a great focal point to all gather around.

Precision laser cut from Australian 5mm thick BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRU-SPEC™ steel it’s built to take the harsh elements of the great Aussie outdoors and capable of burning a large fire in it to sit around and enjoy the warmth by and even cook on. It is ideally suitable for home use, bistros, pubs, clubs, wineries, bars, cafes, mancaves and anywhere a contained fire can be used outdoors to add warmth, charm, comfort, ambience and character.

Unlike cheap imported clay and cast iron chimineas which can crack, chip and break before your very eyes and are often made from dubious materials with little or no quality control or the cheap imported thin steel types that end up burning out and can’t hold a decent fire the SMI AUSSIE VOLCANO CHIMINEA™ is made from Australia’s finest steel. It will continue to be enjoyed year after year giving you real value for money.

Whether you choose to use it directly on your patio or deck and don’t require moving it or rather like the convenience of being able to move it around the choice is yours. Let’s face it with a fire bed of washed sand (it requires approx 15kg) and structure combined, it weighs a total of around 75.5kg, that’s not something you want to move on a regular basis. However if you do wish to move it around that’s where the great accessory of the SMI FIRE PIT/CHIMINEA DECK TROLLEY™ comes in so handy. Made from Australian 3mm thick BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRU-SPEC™ steel the SMI FIRE PIT/CHIMINEA DECK TROLLEY™ (in a smooth or tread plate pattern) allows you to position the SMI AUSSIE VOCANO CHIMINEA™ on top and move it easily by the aid of the 4 (100kg each rated) heavy duty concealed wheels underneath and with a non-scratching heavy duty polyurethane compound tread and ball bearing race construction. There is plenty of room to stack your fire wood on the trolley as well. Furthermore there is also the optional SMI AUSSIE VOLCANO CHIMINEA FLUE EXTENSION™ which adds another 700mm in height (150mm internal diameter and 5mm thick also made from Aussie BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRU-SPEC™ steel) to the SMI AUSSIE VOLCANO CHIMINEA™ (which measures 1180mm high on its own by the way). Add the SMI FIRE PIT/CHIMINEA DECK TROLLEY™ at 120mm high (950mm x 950mm in surface area with concealed wheels x 4) with the flue extension and you have an impressive 2000mm of height, clearly directing any smoke etc. away from eye height. There is even an optional slip on SMI AUSSIE VOLCANO CHIMINEA “RAIN” LID™ (with handle) for when not in use which helps keep the sand bed/fire base dry and ready for its next use if stored in the open.