Scarborough Glass Bar Cart - Brushed Gold Base

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Embrace Effortless Elegance: The Scarborough Glass Bar Cart - Where Luxury Meets Convenience

Do you want to avoid hosting parties with the constant hassle of juggling drinks, glassware, and decor? With its luxurious design, the Scarborough Glass Bar Cart is your solution to this common consumer problem. Its spacious stainless steel construction and brushed gold palette eliminate the need for multiple trips to the kitchen or cluttered countertops during gatherings.

This bar cart doesn't just improve your hosting experience; it transforms your home into a sophisticated haven for entertainment. The rectangle silhouette in a broad and ample size is not just functional; it's a visual statement. It lends an air of luxury to your living space, making each gathering feel like a high-end affair.

Beyond its practical benefits, the Scarborough Glass Bar Cart is an aesthetic masterpiece. The brushed gold base not only complements your decor but also elevates it. With three in-built display shelves and four separate spaces to store wine bottles, it effortlessly showcases your style and sophistication.

You can proudly display your wine collection, glassware, and decor, creating a captivating focal point that turns heads and sparks conversations. With the Scarborough Glass Bar Cart, you're not just solving the problem of convenience but enhancing your home's visual appeal, creating a space that radiates luxury and invites your guests to linger and savour every moment.

Key Features

  • Timeless Elegance - Uniting Luxury and Durability with Sophistication
  • Modern Aesthetics - Balancing Style and Functionality for Maximum Appeal
  • Expansive Versatility - Ample Room for Your Imagination and Essentials
  • Customizable Showcase - Tailored to Highlight Your Finest Collections
  • Dynamic Convenience - Easily Move and Position with Effortless Grace

Elegant Stainless Steel Brushed Gold Palette

Crafted with a luxurious brushed gold finish, the bar cart boasts a durable stainless steel construction, seamlessly merging style with strength.

Sleek Clear Tempered Glass with Elongated Frame

Featuring clear tempered glass shelves suspended within an elongated frame, this design adds sophistication and maximizes shelf space.

Spacious Rectangle Silhouette

With its wide and ample rectangle silhouette, this bar cart offers much room for entertaining essentials, creating a striking presence in your space.

Versatile Display and Wine Storage

Equipped with three built-in display shelves and four separate compartments for wine bottles, this cart effortlessly combines functionality with style, allowing you to showcase your finest items and wines.

Effortless Mobility with Caster Wheeled Feet

Designed with caster-wheeled feet, this cart is readily mobile and location-flexible, providing the convenience of effortlessly moving it to where it's needed most.


Materials: Tempered Glass, Stainless Steel
Colour / Finish: Gold Base
Weight: 20 kg
Dimensions: L 60 x W 42 x H 65 cm

    What's Included?

    1x Scarborough Glass Bar Cart - Brushed Gold Base