Lakeview 3 Seater Fabric Sofa

Style: Right Chaise

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Indulge in Comfort with the Lakeview 3 Seater Sofa

Experience the bliss of pure comfort as you sink into the embrace of the Lakeview 3 Seater Fabric Sofa. Feel the exquisite softness of the Graphite Grey upholstery while the high-density foam cushioning provides unparalleled support for your relaxation.

With its internal solid frame and a generous 3-year warranty, it revels in the reassurance of lasting quality and peace of mind.

Key Features

  • Upholstered in Graphite Grey - Luxurious softness for a soothing seating experience
  • High-density foam cushioning - Unparalleled support for lasting comfort
  • Internal solid frame - Ensures long-term durability and stability
  • 3-year warranty available - Offers peace of mind and security for your investment

Luxurious Graphite Grey Upholstery

Sink into the opulent embrace of the Graphite Grey upholstery, enveloping you in a cloud of pure comfort and sophistication.

Unparalleled High-Density Foam Cushioning

Feel the unwavering support of the high-density foam cushioning, cradling you in a cocoon of relaxation that never wavers.

Sturdy Internal Frame for Lasting Durability

Rest easy knowing that the internal solid frame of the Lakeview Sofa ensures a durable sanctuary for countless moments of repose and leisure.

3-Year Warranty for Peace of Mind

Let your worries dissipate with the generous 3-year warranty, providing you with the assurance and security you deserve for your cherished sofa.


Materials: Foam
Colour / Finish: Graphite Grey
Weight:113 Kg
Dimensions: L 311 x D 99-167 x H 74 cm
Seat: D 66 x H 46 cm
Sofa Depth: 65 cm
Chaise: W 110 x D 134 cm x H 46 cm
Back Height: 28 cm

What's Included?

1x Lakeview 3-Seater Fabric Sofa