Feuerfriend Fire Pit

- Brazier and heater in one
- For garden, terrace, balcony, beach and more
- Mobile - easy to transport
- Robust and safe - handmade in Germany
- Solid ceramic bowl and rust-proof, stainless steel stand
- Made from CeraFlam® fire ceramic, which has extremely good heat-retention properties
- CeraFlam® can absorb and store around 3 x more heat than steel
- It requires less fuel than steel for the same heat output
- Matching grill available as an accessory

- Made from CeraFlam® fire ceramic
- Unglazed and natural, the colour shimmers with natural beige-brown tones  
- Fired in an open gas kiln

Ø 49 cm, H 40 cm, 14 kg  

Feuerfreund, stainless steel stand, CeraFlam® ceramic bowl, instructions, packed in one box.