Equilateral Fire Pit™ TriRize™ XP 800

Design: Solid Sided™

The SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Fire Pit™ TriRize™ XP 800 Solid Sided™ model draws on inspiration of design from our original design Equilateral Fire Pit™ and its evolution has resulted in the removal of the fourth component to produce a new 3 piece fire pit of exceptional quality, design, function, form and durability. Based on an equilateral triangle hence the leading name this stunning fire pit has only 3 parts that simply just “SLOT” together as our name suggests SLOT ME IN™ in under a minute, “NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS ARE REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY” either.

Made from 100% Australian 6mm thick 350 HR grade Xlerplate™ Tru-Spec™ steel right here in Australia by SLOT ME IN™ it truly is a 100% Aussie made from 100% Aussie material product by a 100% Aussie owned company.

Set up it measures 840mm W x 790mm D x 560mm H and weighs 55.8kg consisting of only 3 pieces that as mentioned just “SLOT” together. Packed for storage or transit it is an incredible 18mm “FLAT”, a “REAL SPACE SAVER”.

The 3 sides all intersect at 60 degrees forming an equilateral triangle when viewed from overhead producing a large capacity fire pit to be enjoyed for its warm ambience and beautiful design. The lowered 3 corners aid oxygen flow and make for an efficient burning fire.

At 560mm high when assembled there is a depth of approximately 330 inside the fire pit and about 230mm of clearance above the ground. The Equilateral Hot Plates, Combo Grill / Hot Plates and Full Grills are designed to fit perfectly so it can be used to cook on as well. Also our portable spit rotisserie kits both Auspit and Slot Me In™ are ideally suited for use over the Equilateral Fire Pit™ TriRize™ XP 800 Solid Sided™ model.