DENK Ceramics

Comfy Brazier Fire Pit + Free Grill

Treat your surroundings to a generous dose of warmth!

Our braziers enable you to inject a romantic blend of light and fire in your outdoor areas. And does this in next to no time because the brazier is mobile and easy to use. By the way, you can also use it for grilling and roasting. The brazier is permanently heat resistant, is extremely good at storing heat and does not age. Finally, it is shaped from a very special material: CeraFlam® - our unique ceramic material. Only available from us. Hand made in Germany. For you from DENK.


Fire, light and generous warmth
Fire has been an integral part of our civilisation for thousands of years. We frequently forget its beneficial effects - time flies by so fast that it seems hardly possible to take a pause - but, they all come to mind when we join good friends or a loved one by the fireside and look into the dancing flames: The feeling of cosiness and comfort that has always been a source of energy and confidence for people. The brazier allows you to enjoy this feeling - whether in your garden, on your balcony or patio. And what if the lively conversation among your circle of friends make you feel peckish? Simply add the right pan or grill and prepare a tasty dish for your guests. And you can really make a long evening of it because the brazier lives up to its name: The ceramic elements made of CeraFlam® are especially good at storing heat and providing warmth long after the wood has burnt down. And when the wonderful evening does eventually come to a close, the brazier can be easily and simply emptied via the bottom lid. Please note that the ash make an ideal fertiliser and can inject new energy into your plants, too.


The fired ceramic material
Extraordinary quality requires special materials. This is why we manufacture the brazier from CeraFlam®, our protected DENK fired ceramic material. There is probably no other ceramic material that has such extraordinary properties:  The perfect combination of natural beauty and the findings leaned from space research. CeraFlam® is permanently heat resistant, stores approximately three times as much heat as steel and does not age.  No wonder we keep the recipe for it a closely guarded secret. The brazier is produced exclusively by hand in Germany.


Getting ready
It takes just one minute to get the brazier ready for use. Simply set up the stand in the desired location and add the ceramic parts one by one. Slight shaking automatically brings them into the right position. Now simply add the base lid and you're finished!


If handled carefully the brazier will provide long-lasting pleasure. Therefore, avoid damage and breakage caused by negligently tossing in wood or by strong impacts and blows. DENK-Feuerkeramik has been tested for its thermal durability - however, we cannot be held liable if it is improperly used.

After use the ash can simply be emptied. Place a bucket or a container under the brazier. Carefully lift the base lid by means of the poker provided. The ash now falls out. Please note that ash can remain hot for up to 24 hours. The wood ash makes for a superb fertiliser.


In winter
The brazier can be operated without restriction in winter. Nevertheless, we recommend placing it under cover in frosty conditions. The ice that forms from collected water can cause the coarse-pored ceramic to crack.


You can use any type of wood to fire the brazier. The ideal fuel is approximately 20 cm long and split. In order to avoid smoke, it should always be stored in a dry place. Do not use coated wood or plastic, waste paper or other refuse. These could lead to the formation of toxic smoke and also damage the ceramic.


Our enamelled steel pan or our large grill can be used to produce wonderfully tasty vegetables, fish, meat or paella. The brazier turns grilling and roasting into child's play:  Allow the wood to burn down - depending on the desired heat - place the pan or grill in position. Any fat dripping onto the ceramic automatically burns away.

Scope of delivery
The Comfy Brazier consists of 4 ceramic elements, 1 ceramic base lid and 1 frame and 1 poker made of stainless steel. Braziers is packed in 2 transportation boxes, instructions are included.

Weights and Measures
Ø 55 cm, H 46 cm, 27.5 kg