Bexley Mesh Office Chair

Style: Black

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Elevate Your Workspace Comfort with the Bexley Mesh Office Chair

The Bexley Mesh Office Chair is designed for ultimate comfort and support, providing a breathable, ergonomic solution for long work hours. The tall black mesh upholstered backrest offers breathable comfort that keeps you cool while consistent lumbar support ensures lasting stability for your back and waist. Upholstered in durable black fabric, the cushioned seat endures daily use without compromising comfort.

This chair offers 360-degree rotation with adjustable height settings, allowing you to customize your seating experience. The armrests, also adjustable, cater to your personal preference. The solid leg base and five-star caster wheels provide mobility to move around your workspace with ease. Additionally, the chair comes with an extra headrest for added support. It's time to experience comfort like never before.

Key Features

  • Breathable Comfort -The tall black mesh upholstered backrest promotes breathability, keeping you cool even during long work sessions, ensuring you stay comfortable and focused.

  • Lasting Stability - Consistent lumbar support follows your back and waist, providing stability for enduring comfort and minimizing fatigue.

  • Everyday Durability - The cushioned seat is upholstered in black fabric designed to withstand daily use, maintaining its quality and comfort over time.

  • Customized Comfort - With 360-degree rotation and adjustable height settings, this chair allows you to tailor your seating experience to your preferences.

  • Personalized Support  - The armrests, with adjustable height settings, cater to your specific needs, ensuring your comfort during work.

  • Enhanced Mobility -The strong leg base and five-star caster wheels offer easy mobility, enabling you to move freely within your workspace.

  • Additional Headrest - The chair includes an extra headrest for added support and comfort, ensuring a comprehensive and comfortable seating experience.

Breathable Comfort

Stay calm and comfortable during long work hours with the tall black mesh upholstered backrest that promotes breathability, keeping you focused and at ease.

Lasting Stability

Experience lasting stability with consistent lumbar support that follows your back and waist, reducing fatigue and enhancing your overall comfort.

Everyday Durability

The cushioned seat, upholstered in durable black fabric, is built to withstand everyday use without compromising your comfort or the chair's quality.

Customized Comfort

Tailor your seating experience with 360-degree rotation and adjustable height settings that allow you to find the perfect position for your work.

Personalized Support

Adjustable armrests provide personalized support that suits your preferences, ensuring maximum comfort during your workday.

Enhanced Mobility

Enjoy easy mobility within your workspace thanks to the solid leg base and five-star caster wheels, allowing you to move around effortlessly.

Additional Headrest

An extra headrest is included to provide additional support and comfort, creating a comprehensive and enjoyable seating experience.


Materials:  Cushioned Seat, Fabric
Colour / Finish:  Black, Full Black
Weight:  27kg
Dimensions: W 50 x D 51 x H 125 cm
Seat height: 52 cm  

What's Included?

1x Bexley Mesh Office Chair