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60cm Cast Iron Fire Pit Rust

The 60cm Cast Iron Fire Pit Rust is an impressive-looking, contemporary cast iron fire pit at a friendly price. With a solid construction of 6mm thick cast iron, the 60cm Cast Iron Fire Pit Rust is fit-for-purpose and is designed to serve up a great deal of warmth.

All our fire pits feature a drainage hole to prevent water from pooling; this is also a handy feature should you decide to use this fire pit as a plant container.

Suitable for urban backyards, gardens, or entertainment areas. Also looks amazing as a planter.


  • Diameter: 58.5cm
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Bowl Depth: 13cm
  • Assembled Height: 21cm
  • Construction: Genuine Cast Iron Bowl & Cast Iron Base, 3 screw assembly.
  • Finish: Low Maintenance, Rustic, Natural Rust
  • Drainage Hole Included: Yes