Heatscope Vision 3200W Electric Radiant Heater

Color: White

Heatscope Vision 3200W ambient heater emits medium-wave infrared light with its parallel carbon heating strands. Since the already low luminosity of less than 300 lux is still dimmed by the glass-ceramic front, a cozy, cozy atmosphere is created.

  • Efficiency Made Simple - HEATSCOPE® is committed to efficiency! All VISION, SPOT and PURE radiant heaters were developed in accordance with the newest findings concerning the mid-wave IR range. This means that between 90% and 94% of the energy used is turned directly into ambient heat.
  • Real Infrared - All HEATSCOPE® design radiant heaters produce natural infrared heat in the (fast) mid-wave IR range. This means that the heat feels particularly pleasant and is effective exactly where it is needed – that’s directly under the first layers of skin, but not too deep in the tissue.
  • Inviting & Cosy - Other radiant heaters use light tubes to produce heat as a by-product – at HEATSCOPE® we exclusively use innovative carbon technology: two carbon spirals are powered with an electric current, they begin to glow and produce a particularly pleasant warmth.
  • Super Fast - Output peaks are a thing of the past with HEATSCOPE® power heaters. Although the heaters start up slowly, they reach 100% in no time: the range of SPOT models take only 15 seconds, and the VISION & PURE range takes a maximum of 30 seconds owing to the glass front.
  • Full Control - The separate model ranges are either delivered with their own IR remote control or with a 4-wire cable for integration into an external control system (output dependent).
  • Maximum Heat with Minimum Light - Carbon fibre elements charged with an electric current generate heat but minimal light, creating a softer, super comfortable heat without the harsh light. PURE provides a subtle, low glow, which doesn’t change the lighting effect of a room or the colour of objects (including food!).
  • Award-winning Design - Delivers pleasant heat without the distraction. Clean-cut, modern designs and colours easily blend into any decor.
  • Fast Heating - Noticeable heat within milliseconds and 100% heat within 15-60 seconds.
  • Weather-Resistant - All models are certified with an IP rating for protection against dust, splash-water, and wind.
  • No Aggressive Red Light - Produces a very ambient, modest light based on double carbon heating elements

  • High Efficiency - Up to 94% of the energy used is turned into ambient heat and transferred directly to nearby people and surfaces for maximum efficiency.

Included Accessories: Mounting Parts. 

Application: Indoor & Outdoor (undercover or with weather shield)
IP Rating: IP44

Power / Current:2400W / 13.91A
Voltage:220-240 V AC ~ 50/60 Hz
Max Power In:30 - 60sec
Radiant Efficiency:90%
Surface Temp:
Body Temp:
Filament Temp:
Colour Temp:
1550-1650 Kelvin
Visible Light:<300 Lumen

Materials: Aluminum Body & Glass Ceramic Front

Colour: Black or White
Weight: 11kg
Dimensions: L1660xW184xH87mm
Installation Height:2100mm - 2700mm from ground.

Model Specifications
Operation & Maintenance Manual
Installation & Clearances Manual