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EcoSmart Fire

Manhattan 50 Ethanol Fire Pit Table


Manhattan Ethanol Fire Table

Transform your entertaining area with a low-profile concrete table and an ambient clean burning flame. 

Imagine relaxing at home with the people you love, enjoying food and drinks, around an open fire. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? 

The Manhattan 50 Ethanol Fire Table is that an eye catching centre piece that has the functionality of serving as a table with a warming ambient flame that says WOW.

Why is the Manhattan 50 the most functional fire table out there?

This innovative product uses a Bioethanol-Ventless Technology which makes them very easy to install, use and maintain. A mess free, clean burning fire solution.

The low-profile coffee table is constructed from Fluid™ Concrete, a beautifully finished handcrafted surface with plenty of space for a canapé and a few glass' while enjoying the atmosphere.

With our Bioethanol-Ventless Technology there’s no need for an expensive installation, electrical connection, gas line or set up. Simply set up the Manhattan 50 in under 10 minutes. Really.

The Manhattan 50 uses an eco-friendly bioethanol fuel which is clean burning and only gives off heat, and tiny amounts of steam and carbon dioxide (the stuff you exhale).

Unlike a wood fire, ethanol gives off no smoke, no smell and no soot!.. So, there’s no toxic pollutants and zero mess. This means you can use your fire table almost anywhere, indoor or outdoor, large or small.

The Manhattan's fire can be ignited and extinguish instantly. You don’t have to waste time preparing or cleaning up.. It’s seriously low maintenance.

Want to relocate the Manhattan 50 outside when your having a party? No problem..

Remember, the Fluid™ Concrete is light weight and there’s also no permanent utility connection.. You have the freedom to enjoy your fire table where ever you want.

There’s no other fire tables on the market that are this beautiful and so versatile.

Here's a list of great features packed into the Manhattan 50 Ethanol Fire Table.

Strong, Lightweight & Weather Resistant

• The Manhattan Table is made with Fluid™ Concrete Technology - a strong, light weight and weather & stain resistance material. This technology will ensure it stays in fantastic condition for years to come and is also light enough to move around. You wont have to worry about your beautiful fire table ageing and getting easily damaged.

Ventless Design

• The Manhattan 50’s vent-less design gives it a 90% generated heat efficiency. No heat that is generated escapes up the chimney. This design enables the heat to stay in the area, so you can get the most heat output from your fire.

Clean Burning

• Clean burning, the fire table will produce no toxic or harmful pollutants or odours, perfect to use indoors or an enclosed space. You wont have to worry about breathing in smoke or the smell of your clothes, stress free use, with no clean-up!

Environmentally Friendly

• Bioethanol is a readably available renewable fuel source and it doesn't harm the environment like many other fuels, so you know you are doing your part for the planet while you enjoy your fire.

Easy Set Up

• The Manhattan 50 requires no technical or professional installation and no electrical or gas line, its quick, easy, simple & cost effective, so you can get your fire going without relying on or paying for expensive tradesman.

11 Hour Burn Time

• Holding 8L of ethanol fuel, its will produce a thick vibrant orange flame for up to 11 hours, so that you can enjoy the open flame all night long!  

Make your space that extra little bit special with this beautiful fire table. :)

Purchase the Manhattan 50 online now and have it shipped free directly to your door.

Here's what a few of our customers have to say.

Here's a few more questions you might have..

What's the size of the Manhattan 50 Ethanol Fire Table?

126cm long, 76cm wide & 30cm high.

What's the heat output from the Manhattan 50 Ethanol Fire Table?

The Manhattan 50 will heat and area of 60m² @ 21.56 MJ/h - 20433 BTU/h - 6 kW (indoor test condition). The heat output increases indoor temperature approximately 6°C.

    What's Included

    • Manhattan 50 table - the concrete/teak base vessel.
    • AB8 Burner - the stainless steel burner that houses the flame and fuel.
    • Efficiency Ring - a ring that can be placed in the burner to reduce the flame/heat output.
    • Burner tray - a tray that is placed between the concrete table and burner to support the decorative rock and the optional glass fire screen.
    • Black decorative rock - to be scattered around the burner tray for visual appeal. 
    • Fire Lighter - a stainless steel fire lighter (butane not supplied)
    • Lighting Rod - an extendable arm to light and extinguish the flame
    • 5L Jerry Can - provided to safely pour ethanol into the burner.
    • Bottle Adaptor
    • Manuals

    What's Optional

    • Protective Cover - a semi waterproof protective cover
    • Glass Fire Screen - an insertable glass screen that stabilises the flame from a draft and creates a safe barrier around the flame. (the Glass Fire Screen is installed in photo, but not included) 
    • Waterproof Cover - 100% waterproof cover with zips, suitable for all weather.

    Visit our FAQ tab for more technical information about ethanol fires.


    Burner: AB8
    Capacity: 8 liters
    Heats on Average: 60m2
    Minimum Room: 116m3
    Burn Time: 7 - 11 hours
    Thermal Output: 21.56 MJ/h - 20433 BTU/h - 6 kW
    Operating Cost: $1.50 - $3.50 / Hour

    Materials: Stainless Steel Grade 304 & Concrete Composite OR Industry Exclusive Oiled Teak 
    Colour / Finish: Natural, Bone or Graphite Concrete OR Oiled Teak
    Weight: Concrete 58.40kg / Teak 52.5kg
    Dimensions: L1270xW762xH296mm

    Model Specifications
    Operation & Maintenance Manual
    Installation & Clearances Manual  


    What is a freestanding ethanol fireplace?

    A self-contained and standalone vent-less fireplace that's fuelled with ethanol.

    What are the benefits of outdoor vent-less fireplaces?

    • Clean burning - no soot, no smell & no smoke.
    • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
    • Quick & simple installation
    • No gas and no electricity point
    • Environmentally friendly 

    Why use an ethanol fireplace?

    An ethanol fireplace is a cost effective, mess free, versatile alternative to a wood or gas fireplace. Easy to set up, simple to use, relocatable anywhere and beautiful to sit by.

    How does an ethanol fireplaces work?

    Ethanol fuel is simply poured and contained in the fireplace's stainless steel burner. The flame is ignited in a matter of second by dipping the lighting rod in the burners fuel, then lighting the end of the 'dipped' rod with the fire lighter (like a candle), and then finally dipping the 'ignited' rod back into the stainless steel burner to ignite the contained fuel. 

    Do ethanol fireplaces give off heat?

    Absolutely, these are real fires. The vent-less design means the heat produced stays in the room/area rather than escaping up a chimney or fuel like a traditional fireplace.

    How large of an area will my ethanol fireplace heat?

    The Manhattan 50 will heat and area of 60m² @ 21.56 MJ/h - 20433 BTU/h - 6 kW in an indoor condition.

    The heat output increases indoor temperature approximately 6°C.

    How long will my ethanol fireplace burn?

    7 - 13 hours with a full burner of fuel. The efficiency setting with increase/decrease burn time.

    Are ethanol fireplaces good for the environment?

    Yes, ethanol fireplaces only produce heat, steam and small amounts of CO2. Ethanol fireplaces do not produce pollutants or toxins. 

    How do you install a freestanding or portable ethanol fireplace?

    Simply unbox the unit, insert the burner and put in position. It's really that simple.

    How long does it take to assemble an ethanol fireplace?

    About 5 - 10 minutes.

    Where is the best place to install an ethanol fireplace?

    Anywhere that meets the minimum room size for the model. See specifications tab.

    Where do I buy ethanol fuel for my ethanol fireplace?

    We sell e-NRG Ethanol Fuel here and deliver it directly to your door.

    Can other ethanol brands be used in place of e-NRG?

    e-NRG is the only recommended fuel for use in EcoSmart Fires and use of other fuel brands will void the warranty

    What maintenance is required for ethanol fireplaces?

    The burner should be cleaned every 50L burn time.

    How do I clean my Ethanol burner?

    Black deposits can be cleaned with a mild washing product such as JIF, you can also place the burner in the dish washer.