Stitch 50 Designer Pot Plant

Pot Plant Colour: Natural
Rope Colour: Grey


Display fresh or faux potted plants in these stylish plant pots available in a range of sizes and colours. The pots feature a stitched embellishment on the seam in your chosen colour. Singularly they look stunning, as a set, they look sensational.
  • Stylish Design - Smooth rounded appearance mak es it inviting to view or touch at the same time being a welcomed complement in natural landscapes and architectural settings.
  • On-trend Collection - Available in three natural concrete colours, with a selection of contemporary stitching colours, and four different sizes.
  • Rope Options - Coloured stitching brings life and pop to a concrete vessel, adds a break in the single material concrete body.
  • Fluid™ Concrete Technology - Our proprietary technology offers a streamlined yet sophisticated system that delivers exceptionally robust, handcrafted products.
  • Semi Outdoor - These products are only suitable for semi-outdoor locations where the material can stay dry and protected from the weather. Extended exposure to water (snow) is not suitable and will impact the life of the product.
  • Lightweight - Sturdy yet lightweight composition makes it easy to move each piece from room to room.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Made from 95% recycled natural materials that absorb CO2 during the curing process, our composites are 100% recyclable and release minimal greenhouse gas emissions.

Materials: Concrete Composite
Pot Plant Colour: Natural, Bone or Graphite
Rope Colour: Black, Grey, Orange, Red, White, Yellow
Weight: 44kg
Dimensions: L914xW788xH563mm

Model Specs

Award Winning

Stitch Pot received a prestigious Good Design Award Winner Accolade in the Product Design category in recognition for outstanding design and innovation.

“An eye-catching design that is visually appealing in its personable style and look whilst being on-trend. The Stitch Pot is a harmonious combination of high craftsmanship, clever design and sustainable manufacturing through the use of green cement and recycled natural materials. The form is simple, elegant and understated yet highly organic and stunningly original. Every aspect of this product has been beautifully resolved and is deserving of recognition in this category. Well done”.

-The Good Design Awards Jury

Stitch Pot has been awarded silver prize in home interior products, Interior decoration.

-The EPDA Jury Committee